Forest management

Uppsala University drew up its first plan for the use and care of the forests under its jurisdiction as far back as the 1860s. Today, the Akademiförvaltningen Division of Forestry makes every effort to follow this tradition of long-term sustainable forestry.

The Akademiförvaltningen Division of Forestry carries out long-term and environmentally sound forestry activities in combination with sustainable profitability.

In total, the division manages some 47424 hectares of productive forestland. Another 5 954 hectares are waste land, certain kinds of protected land, key biotopes, and reserves. The forestland extends over mainly the provinces of Uppland and Västmanland, with an emphasis on the municipalities of Uppsala and Heby. The entire stock of forestland is environmentally certified according to both FSC and PEFC.

The forests are operated under private management using external forestry entrepreneurs. Some 230,000-250,000 cu. m. of forest are cleared annually. The responsibilities of the division also include management of gravel and rock quarries as well as of hunting rights. The estimated market value in 2022 of the assets of the forestry division was SEK 3900 million.