Yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever!

We have a long history of long-term investments. Not only when it comes to capital growth, but also in building relationships with tenants, lessees, customers and stakeholders.
Uppsala Akademiförvaltning manages 609 foundations with capital donated over the centuries by people with their own personal dreams of a better world. Their contributions continue to change the world long after they themselves are gone.

We are run without a private profit interest and annually contribute significant financial funds to the research at Uppsala University.


  • The business started in the form of agricultural administration in 1624.
  • Over SEK 2 billion has been distributed for various purposes in the past 10 years.
  • The total managed assets on 2022-12-31 was just over SEK 14 billion.
  • Uppsala Akademiförvaltning is one of the country's largest landowners.

On average, Uppsala University has received 2 donations per year. During the past 25 years, the donations have been between SEK 1 and 40 million. The money goes to research and education at Uppsala University.

Read about how our land, forest and real estate administrations work.