Register - Student housing queue

Here you can register in Uppsala Akademiförvaltnings queue for student housing. You can register if you are a full-time student at Uppsala University and SLU.

Even if you are not admitted, you can register in the queue. However, you must be admitted when writing contract.


Register for student housing queue

To register in the student housing queue, click on "Register".

If you are already registered in the queue via Internet you can log in and change your details.
It´s your responsibility that your information is correct. The email address that you specify must be unique. It should not be used for any other applicant.
You update your application by logging in to your page with a username and password. Your application will then be automatically updated.

Note that you must log in within 6 months. If you don´t, you will automatically be removed from the queue.

You can not be registered for studenthousing and ordinary rental apartments at the same time. If you change between these two queues your past application will be removed.
If you are already registered and make a new application, your previous application will be canceled and replaced by the new one.

To find available student apartments and register your interest, log in to your pages, and then on to "Vacant student housing." To register interest in an apartment click "Register your interest". Note that there is no display on the student apartments.